Ed Devane's Stop/Run project was a result of months of planning, imagination and instrument building which culminated in a showcase event and week long installation in the Severed Head, Lower Mount Street, Dublin. This marriage of brain and hands conceived and brought to life a series of sound sculptures/instruments which were used by a selection of Irish composers and music makers to create new works exploring a combination of sounds and performance methods.


I chose to experiment with using human movement to represent musical gestures and used processed video footage with each performer following a different color. With such a strong connection between movement and sound in the evolution of music it struck me as a more natural way of conveying musical ideas through moving images, rhythmic gestures in particular.

Big thanks to Ed

Performers: (recorded in the Severed Head during the week of the Stop run installation)

Jane Cassidy
Andy Mc G C
Louise Harte

The Same group of performers played a piece called Play By numbers which uses a sequence of numbers as the score, performed from top to Bottom with each number free to represent any musical parameter chosen by the performers. It works mainly an excuse to get people playing together leading them to think of short percussive combinations of sounds.

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