Collaborative Music Making

Jun 27, 2012

DIY Animated Graphic Scores

I have recently been looking for simple ways of allowing people to control certain parameters of animated graphic scores using projections and surfaces suitable for drawing on, like interactive whiteboards.
The idea is that the score is presented with empty spaces which can be filled in at the start up screen of the video before the play button is pressed. When the video is played an animated action line indicates when the static sections, which were filled in, are to be played.
These 'fill in' scores will feature in the last chapter of the DabbledooMusic book for young musicians (coming soon)

Jun 6, 2012

Fill in your own animated graphic score:
As another part of the DabbledooMusic project this piece is an empty graphic score which can be filled in at the start screen and then animated by pressing play.
It will mainly produce simple melodic and harmonic structure (try using different colours for different parts), but the dots can represent anything in the composer and performers interpretation.
You will need to project this on a surface on which you can draw like a white board or a large sheet of paper (must be on perfectly flat surface)

Good Luck