Shane Mc Kenna is a music maker and educator based in Dublin, Ireland, exploring the use of non-traditional music notation, particularly animated notation, to make music education more accessible. 

Shane has been working with this type of notation since his masters thesis in Trinity College Dublin in 2008. Since then his research and development has taken the form of live performances, installations, workshops and presentations including the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, The Royal Irish Academy of Music and TENOR. 

Shane is founder and CEO of dabbledoo, an arts education company based on his work with non-traditional notation in music education. The program exists as a fully interactive online resource for children and teachers everywhere. Along with music, dabbledoo offers drama and visual arts programmes for primary school in Ireland. The aim is to create positive change through a revolution in arts education.

1 in 3 school in Ireland are now using dabbleoo resources to teach music in the classroom. 

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