Collaborative Music Making

Nov 28, 2013

New Animated Score for DabbledooMusic

The latest animated score for DabbledooMusic. This one encourages classes to play along with Pachelbel's canon (now in C Maj). This type of animated score is at the extreme end of the scale in terms of performer interpretation. It is designed for specific learning goals and so needs to be strict in terms of rhythm and pitch.
It does still show how effective animated notation can be in getting large groups of people of take part in group performance with no rehearsal or proir experience. This is helped by the encouragement of a some hiphop and old soul break samples and the keys playing of Johnny "jazz cat" Taylor.

Mar 19, 2013

Graphic Notation for Teaching Music

Conventional music notation was largely invented for, and is most widely used by, professional musicians, composers and music theorists.

Why do we assume that this notation is suitable for teaching music to children?

Well I don't, so I made my own, with the help of illustrator Killian Redmonk: