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Music Notation and Music Education Part 3 - New Notation for Music Education

Animated Notation For Music Education
The most recent reforms in musical notation have open up possibilities for musicians and composers in many ways; the changing of the composer/performer relationship, the role of indeterminacy to remove personalchoice and the use of notation to challenge the concept of musicality. After four years of working with hundreds of musicians of all ages and all levels of musical experience, the most striking thing about animated notation is its effectiveness in allowing large groups of individuals to have meaningful, engaging and creative musical experiences. 

The animated graphic scores, performances and experiments, inspired a new system of music education called DabbledooMusic. This is a system that not only allows teachers and students to perform, compose and listen in every class, but it lets them work in a more creative, imaginative and educationally rewarding way. The system exists as a free online resource, which uses animated music notation not jus…

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