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Music Notation and Music Education Part 2 - Notation for Everyone

Music Notation For Everyone
In my 2008 thesis Signs of Change, I set out to create a form of music notation that would be accessible and engaging for a group of musicians from different backgrounds and levels of musical experience. The notation had to be intuitive so that the ensemble could perform the piece together, without rehearsal and with as little instruction as possible. The aim was to design a system of notation that would tap into each participants natural musical instincts, their ability to perceive and understand dynamics and pitch and musical gesture. The initial experiments attempted to find out if there were visual parameters that communicate analogous musical gestures.

Early Experiments

There are a number of limitations concerning the use of graphic notation when dealing with a large ensemble. The representation of duration in traditional notation is perhaps its greatest strength. A music score will generally indicate how many crotchet beats per minute and a system of uni…

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