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Music Notation and Music Education - Part 1

The relationship between music notation and the development of an effective system of music education has been clear since the earliest forms of written notation. Systems of notation in many cultures developed as a teaching aids rather than instructions to performers [1]. In medieval Europe the development of notation had close educational links, revealed by the work of Guido of Arezzo in the eleventh century. Guido furthered the study of musical theory and notation in Micrologus (ca. 1025-28), which drew on theoretical studies of the ninth Century, Musica enchiriadis and Scolica enchiriadis, and from early Greek theory. Guidos’ developments were of a particularly practical nature, music being an important part of monastic education at the timei. Notation was primarily used to help singing students to learn and remember lines of melody. The ability to have these songs in written form would soon lead to more complex forms of polyphonic musi…

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