Collaborative Music Making

Dec 8, 2009


Above is a selection of pieces created over the last two years which use animated graphic notation. Each one represents a collaboration with a new performer or ensemble from orchestras to noise groups to jazzers. They include live performances, installation pieces, workshops and one audio-visual club set. Click on vimeo for more info. on each video.

Second Square Set - Animated Graphic Notation by Shane Mc Kenna

Second Square Set - Animated Graphic Notation �by� Shane Mc Kenna

Jan 1, 2009



I am a music maker and music teacher based in Dublin, exploring the use of non-traditional notation to create musical collaboration. After studying music education I completed a masters in music and media technology in Trinty College Dublin, where I began to move away from the use of traditional notation in search of a more accessible and inclusive way of making music with others. Since then I have worked with musicians and performers of all ages and abilities through performance events and workshops, as a musician and as a music teacher. My visual scores are available to all performers and ensembles to create music as only they can, combining their musical instincts and experiences and making it work for themselves and others.

This showreel contains edited material chosen from a combination of live performances, installations and workshops over the last year. Each project involved a new collaboration with professional and amateur musicians, artists and performers through the use of animated graphic notation.
Many thanks to all who took part.