"Seamless, unnamable,
it returns to the realm of nothing.
Form that includes all forms,
image without an image.
subtle beyond all conception"
                           A very old Chinese fella 

This struck me as a good description of music created through improvisation or immediate interpretation especially with a large group of performers. There have been over 200 performers who have contributed to my collection of graphic score pieces, each individual bringing only their own musicality and experience, whatever that may be, and using it to create music with others. The resulting music is more a product of human nature and musical instinct than anything else. 
Sounds like? I couldn't put a name on it.

This piece was recorded over a week spent with the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland - Symphony Orchestra during their 2009 Summer course featuring soloist Evelyn Glennie. I had the opportunity to record different ensembles of some of Ireland's finest young musicians interpreting graphic scores, including a large ensemble of around 60 performers at the end of the week. Many thanks to all at the NYOI for their time and enthusiasm.

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